Other Campus Resources

Body image, eating, and exercise concerns do not occur in a vacuum. Our society, our relationships, our various identities, and traumas impact how our bodies experience and move through life. Please consider connecting with our partners in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (Intercultural Center, LGBTQ Center, and Women’s Center) and the Safe Office for additional support and/or to help create systemic change that allows for affirming body diversity.

Intercultural Center

LGBTQ+ Center

Safe Office

Women’s Center

Local Outpatient Resources

**Covid-19 Note: All listed providers are providing virtual services during covid-19 pandemic. However, if you have a home provider, you may likely be able to continue working with them as state licensing boards allow. **

Body In Mind Nutrition

Camel City Counseling

Mood Treatment Center

Three Birds Counseling and Clinical Supervision

National Resources

Selected PHP/ IOP/ Residential Programs

Carolina House

Eating Recovery Center

Renfrew Center


Social Media Resources

Create an intentionally positive feed (pun intended) by tailoring those you follow to allow a flood of positivity, light, healing, and hope into your day. Here are a few starting points to follow:

  • FacebookBody Politics with Dr. Maria Paredes
  • Instagram: three_birds_counseling, fuelingstrength, dlbefieldrdn, rebeccascritchfield
  • Twitter: Maria Paredes @threebirdscouns; Julie Duffy Dillon @foodpeacerdn; Anna Lutz @AnnaLutzRD; Anotonia Hartley, MPH @FeministRD

covid19 eating support This instagram account is run by providers committed to ED support from a HAES lens. Free and accessible eating support, including someone to virtually eat with.