Medical Support for Eating, Exercise, and Body Concerns

When “healthy” eating and exercise isn’t healthy

Student Health Service nursing staff are trained in conducting “blind weight” checks upon request for those who identify the need or are provider instructed to avoid triggering scale numbers.

Student Health can schedule nurse visit appointments for blind weight checks to comply with treatment team needs and ensure proper weight restoration during recovery in college. 

Additionally, lab work review by a physician specializing in eating disorders (such as Dr. Clinch) can be vital in ensuring a “normal range” is truly normal in context of an eating disorder and inform treatment planning for long term healing.

To schedule an appointment for a consultation for disordered eating/ eating disorder concerns, call  336-758-5218 and request a 60 min consultation with Dr. Clinch.

To schedule blind weight checks, call or schedule through the Student Health Portal, selecting option for a nurse visit and note purpose for blind weight check.

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