Joyful Movement 

Joyful movement is an approach to physical activity that emphasizes finding pleasure in the ways we move our bodies. It is in direct opposition to the philosophies that advise going to the gym to “earn” food or to pay penance for “unhealthy” food we’ve already eaten.

We believe that movement is important for your body to serve you and can help support you in finding ways to move that feel safe, fun, and affirming.

Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation has required all of their personal trainers to have a basic understanding of HAES. This means that the goal will be helping facilitate joyful movement and empowerment in all bodies and  working to create a safe environment for all body sizes.

Additionally, Campus Recreation offers some gentle flow yoga classes that are trauma-informed and free of weight-loss/fat/body-image talk. For more information, contact Lori Tyson-Jamison.