Outreach and Event Planning


Consult with an EAT team member to ensure intentions remain consistent with delivery when planning events, projects, or activities that involve food, movement, body, or health. Any member of the EAT team is happy to talk with you to navigate options to plan in ways that include and empower those you intend to help.

Accessibility from a marginalized perspective. In other words, would all bodies feel welcomed and affirmed? 

Universal Design whose bodies will the movement/ exercise/ food/ seating options include vs exclude? 

Is health being defined and promoted holistically? We know that the healthful behaviors of exercise and nutrition are only helpful when absent of shame. We also know that social and spiritual wellbeing have been shown to yield similar pro-health outcomes to traditional “diet and exercise”. Check to ensure that you’re not unintentionally narrowing your view of health. 

Invite Guest Speaker/ Request an Outreach

Reach out to the UCC who will share your request with the appropriate team member.